i have a database that i have done for a client, which has about 5 CREATE VIEWS in the mysql database, i need to backup the database and then import it into a new database for another client who wants the same thing.

problem i have is i can backup all the tables fine and import its the views that include the old database name in it.

i could go through it but this could take sometime and also i may need to do again.

so i need a way of backing up the full database including views so i can import into any other blank database i create?

i tried an export of SQL file but it creates it like mentioned above or creates the views as tabls which then do not work.

need help please?

many thanks

Select the database in the dropdown -> export tab -> Start button -> Depending on the options you selected phpmyadmin will return a sql file or you see it in a textarea.


got it working, if i backup the views one by one it only puts the database name at the start of the query rather throughout all the joins etc.