hi to all,

I written a web method ListTask() which returns array ob object of class TaskList which give me result in xml form
I want to bind that result to table in asp.net 3.5 aspx page by calling that webMethod in jQuery ajax call.

I have tried many ways one of them is -

                    type: "GET",
                    url: webmethod,
                    data: param,
                    dataType: "xml",
                    complete: function processResult(xData) {
                        $(xData).find("TaskList").each(function() {
                            //                                               $("#data").append($(this).attr("TaskName") + "<br/>");

It gives me error.
If I parse results by changing datatype json and parsing it by parsetojson method then it returns 'undefined'.

please help me out.

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I done it by using handler.
I called webservice into that and converting data into json string ant it will running fine.

but I want to do it without handler and without using webservice.

is it not possible to send data from aspx page by response.write();

I am trying to do that one also but error occured when I am retriving data

Error: Permission denied for http://localhost:4352 to get property XMLHttpRequest.channel

can anybody tell me how to do that one?:(

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