Ok I am making an admin part of the website and what I need to do is to be able to change the item detail while able to see the result on the fly. What I am really trying to do is to store my item detail into one columm instead of many columms in my DB by splitting the detail as I dont want to make the website template specific. i kind of need something like when we post a fourm it gives a special place where we can edit and type anything we like in any order or color we like. Is it even possible to see the any kind of result while you are typing info and not see the real HTML code with PHP.

Difficult to understand your problem...

Anyway, you can always combine many data (with a separator) into on column of db and then use explode command to separate them when you are going to display the data.

To see the result while you type, it would be easier to do it in Javascript.

THX any way it was a long shot as i dont think it is possible with php.

ashneet, it sounds like you are asking for a tool that will let people type in web content and format that content without using HTML as you type in the content. You want to be abe to see the formatting as you type. This is called WYSIWYG. What You See Is What You Get. It is pronounced "wizzywig".

If I am correct in what you are asking for, then YES, you can do this. In fact, the posting tool on Daniweb I'm using RIGHT NOW is exactly that. I can make things bold, change font size, change font face, insert bullet lists, etc. without knowing any HTML. It's very much like using Microsoft Word.

If this is what you want, then check out . They have a PHP version of it, although truly the functionality is mostly provided by Javascript.

Zippee is correct. If you want to store multiple values in a single column, use some kind of seperator. If you will only be accessing those values with PHP, then you may consider storing your values in an array, then using the serialize() and unserialize() commands to store and retrieve the values in the database.

Thanks Thats exactly what i wanted as i searched for like 10 hours yesterday for something like this..
I am sorry about my typing getting rough as i had no sleep...
I am just wondering how do you use the serialize() and unserialize() Commands as i have no idea on what they do and how to use them.