I want to know, how to view documents(doc,docx,pdf) in asp.net (online itself)..

I just want to clarify here... are you trying to create a webform in ASP.Net to use for viewing these document types within the browser itself (as opposed to opening them in their respective softwares such as MS Word)?

Also, most browsers utilize Adobe's reader plugin to view PDF files within the browser as it is so really all you'd need is .doc and .docx unless you're trying to embed pdf viewing within your other content.

That being said, have you done any research on this at all or are you just coming here expecting a user to spit out a stream of pre-written code for you to use?

Some quick Google searches (since I don't off the top of my head know how to go about embedding these file types into page content via ASP.Net) yielded the following results:

Hope this helps :) Please mark as solved if this resolves your issue.