This is painfully annoying!

Everytime I make a change to my web application and publish, I have to wait until VS2008 or VS2010 publishes the entire site.

I have 2 folders which have ~70 folders each!. But they are static and will not change ever so I want to see how I can make Visual Studio skip them!

Please note: I am using FTP load. I cannot use the other ones because my site is with


Not that I ever use built in publish functionality in VS but is there not an option (since you're using the FTP method) to only upload files that are newer than what is on the remote server?

I ask because just about any standard FTP program has this functionality so I would assume that MS would have included it in your publish options as well. Though I learned long ago never to assume any innovation as part of an MS product :twisted:

You are correct, it only uploads files that are newer. However, it still goes through each folder and checks each file.
Also sometimes, (when I change my computer for example, or used a transformed Web.config file), it actually updated EVERY single file which took forever.

I thought to exclude the folders from the project, but I wasn't sure if this would cause a problem instead!

I heard also that you can create a deploy project. I tried it but I couldn't figure it out.