Is there a way to provide a different address when browser bookmark button is clicked?

I know you can include a button on your page but most users are accustomed to using the browser bookmark button.

Our domain may change from time to time and we don't want to frustrate our users so we were hoping to provide them a consistent path that will redirect when necessary.

When a user uses their browser's built in "bookmark page" or "add bookmark" button it is hard coded into the browser that it will default to the URL of the page they are on when they choose this option.

While the user can manually change the URL at this time (or by going into their bookmarks and editing them) I have never come across any in-page functionality that will tell this function to use any URL other than the one the browser is currently visiting.

The only option that I might recommend with regards to keeping your users 'in-the-loop' as it were is to either include them in some form of mailing list so they can be notified when/if the addresses for your site change or... maintain any 'defunct' domains for a set period of time with a redirect page explaining the change in order to catch at least your 'regular visitors'.

If you do have a button that will bookmark a more persistant path for your site then I encourage you to make it as noticeable as possible and explain the reasoning for it to encourage users to utilize it and avoid any issue :)

Hope that helps :) Please remember to mark solved once your issue is resolved.

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