Hey all.

First post ;)

and since i've used this site a lot for help i think its about time i registered and joined up.

Im not new to programming but i am new with php + database manipulation.

$app = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM  applicant_classinfo WHERE appid='".$_GET['id']."' AND '".$_GET['cname']."'");

That is my mysql statement

and what i try to get values out of it using

$info = mysql_fetch_array($app);
echo $info['dualspec'] ;

the above statement doesn't display anything.

you guys know whats is causing it?

if (mysql_num_rows($app) > 0) { 
   while($info= mysql_fetch_row($app)) { 
        echo row[0];

else { 
    echo "No rows found!"; 

thanks helps me check stuff good ;)

for some reason

$answer = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM applicant_answer WHERE appid='".$_get['id']."'");

doesn't provide a valid value for

$answers = mysql_fetch_array($answer);

here is the browser URL looks like.


so you can see that the id is

Fixed it.

i noticed that $_GET is case sensitive ;P