Hi guys,

I have prepared a website using php,html and back-end as mysql,and now i want it to launch as a website plz tell me how to configure and create a webdomain.Currently i am using Xampp server to create a website.........plz help me guys.

But i want to launch it using linux server........

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1. You can use http://www.dyndns.com/ if you want to host it from your computer for free...
2. or you can use http://www.zymic.com/free-web-hosting/ for hosting your site from their server ...

First one will cause bugs , worms , etc etc...and you have to tackle them yourself ...And this will also cause HIGH ELECTRICITY bills as your computer should be on 24/7..

Second one is a better solution .....As you'll be hosting your pages on Their server...Saving time,electricity bills etc..etc...But it also have some limits...

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Hi rahul_galgali,

If you want to launch it locally, you will need to set up a server on a linux machine (like you have already set up xampp on your Windows machine).

If you want to launch it online (you mention "a webdomain") then you need to look for a hosting account that uses a linux server. You could go for a free host, or you could pay for and register a domain name, and also pay for some hosting. There is a huge selection of hosts so it is worth doing a little research.

Most hosting accounts (free and paid for) have PHP and a database included.

Hope this helps.

Thanx @zagga.....but i want to know that where to keep the php files or script and database files in the server......how to give virtual name,n there is any difference in php code running on windows and php...plz help me!!!!

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Sorry, I don't understand.

Do you want to run the website from your own PC or from an online host?

There are differences between Windows and Linux hosts. I would suggest running it on a Linux host. I develop my website on my Windows PC (using xampp) then upload it to my Linux host.


Thats what i want.....i have created the website using xampp for a company but they have linux server.....i want to know how to upload and run on their server.
the company is ncclindia.com and now i have created dynamic website for that company....they have linux sever plz help me Zagga....

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Hey Rahul Did ...You had a look on my answer...

yeah........dude i dont know how to upload on Linux server...

What...I cant understand ... make it clear

I made a website using php and mysql,now they have already a website which is in html....i made dynamic website for them.....but I made that website on xampp in window now the big difficulty is i dont know how to upload a website on that server..becoz they have linux server...main thing what i want is how to replace that existing html website from there server with php website.....plz if u can add me on facebook....r u indian?

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Hi Rahul,

If you just need to replace their existing HTML website with your new PHP website, you need to use an FTP client to connect to the host, delete all the existing HTML files and upload all the PHP files to the same place.

You will need your clients FTP details for this.


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