I am pretty new to php and am not sure if what I am attempting to do for a client is possible. Hoping to know if anyone knows if it is and a solution?

I want to:
- upon registering a new user create a new folder using their name (FOLDER A).
- Then copy all the existing files from an existing folder (FOLDER B) into FOLDER A
- So the web address for the users section would be www.site.com/FolderA/index.php (Index.php is from the contents in FOLDER B).
- The solution has to be available in php, as I don't know any other languages yet.

I have no idea how to do this, have searched, but don't think I am searching for the right things. If someone is kind enough to explain how this can be done, I would very much appreciate it.
Or if you know what functions they are called and could point me in the right direction that would also be awesome.

Thanks in advance.


Knowledge on reading directory, creating folders in php will help. You may search "how to read directory in php" on search engines and also you will get tutorials on how to create folder in php. If this does not help , you may hire a coder for this.