I have recently developed a web based database application using microsoft access and dreamweaver. I have used coldfusion to link the database to the html webpage. The website runs successfully at my clients address. However, after transferring all the files to my university web space I receive the following error:

The tag does not have an attribute called connectstring. The valid attribute(s) are name, datasource, dbtype, sql, username, password, maxrows, blockfactor, timeout, cachedafter, cachedwithin, debug.

ColdFusion cannot determine the line of the template that caused this error. This is often caused by an error in the exception handling subsystem.

I dont understand why this could be as i have been given all the rights, etc to publish the site on the university server. Can anybody help????


I'm not sure as I'm still a newbie with CF.
One suggestion: does it have to do with the different version of CF ?

Thank you red_evolve. You're right.

Apparantly its because my clients address is running CF5 or below and i need to set up a datasource in the cfadmin and use the datasource attribute instead of the connectstring attribute.

Does anybody know how to do this coz i'm pretty new to Coldfusion.


yes you can do it by logging into the coldfusion administrator...
go to the link which speaks about the datasources....and add the datasource and the type of the database you are trying to use and use this datasource name in your code....

hope this helps....

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