hey all,
my company is currently searching for a web based mailing list service for our clients to be able to receive emails from us about updates and whatnot and be able to remove themselves from that service and add themselves when they please....one i've been told about was jangomail...are there any others out there better then jango? if anyone knows of other services, please let me know...thanks!

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Not sure if it is an option but why not create something your self?

Its not very difficult to setup a database store lists of mail and then set a flag ACTIVE or INACTIVE and let them mail out...

Just seems like paying for that kind of service is silly.


i actually havent checked out dadamail or hotscripts...i'll check them out today. how would i go about setting up my own DB for something like that? it would obviously be setup on my exchange server, correct? or does it not matter? if i could set it up myself, that would actually be a good idea so we dont have to waste $$


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