Before i start learning php, many sites like phpBuddy say to donload php installer, Apache server and MySQL. So simply i want to know what is the use of web server and MySQl.More importantly, Also tell me how to use them correctly. If possible provide me lnks from where i could download them. i have already downloaded php installer from http://www.php.net/downloads.php . So what should i do now? Plz help.

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Unless you're familiar with configuring php and apache skip all of the trouble and download WAMP or XAMPP

There are others like this as well. They will install everything you need to get a fully functional php, apache and mysql environment in windows.

WAMP seems to have gone stale lately, but there is a community released version with all the latest and greatest link from their forums: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unofficialwamp2/files/

CAUTION: These installers are not designed to be used for live websites. They are really intended to speedup the setup of a development environment.

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very nice and detailed explaination

yeah!! strictly skipp all the husles and busles of life and download the XAMPP because it contains all the three ( php, mysql and apache server) for ur web application

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