Hello all,
Ive been stuck and i dont know how to add a .mdb or .accdb to my "Data & Service". Currently i am using CF9. If its not too much trouble, i would like to know how to do both if this is possible?

I don't know if CF9 supports the 2007 format out of the box (ie .accdb).

I'd try using an .mdb file first. It should be simple.
1. Log into the CF Admin => Data & Services => Datasource
2. Add a DSN
* Enter whatever name you want in the "Datasource" text box.
* Select either "Microsoft Access" or "Microsoft Access with Unicode" from the "Driver" list
* Click [Add]
3. On the next screen go to the Database File box, and click the "Browse" button to locate your .mdb file. Select the one you want. Finally click "Submit" to create the datasource.

If everything goes well, the datasource should be created and the Admin will return to the list of DSN's. The one you just created should show an "OK" next to it. To show it's working.

If it helps, see this article. You should only need the options described above. But the screenshots might help. Note, it's for MX6 so it won't look exactly the same as CF9