I created two projects with c# behind. One is an interface with options to create new users etc, the other is a reporting interface. I would like users to be able to click on links from the admin interface and go to the reporting interface.

It doesn't really matter if its with a button or a link, just so long as the navigation is there. A link is preferable, but again, so long as it works, I'll be happy.

I have added both projects to the solution, and added the reporting interface to the references of the admin interface.

Any one know how to make this happen?

In reply to my own thread, in case any one searches and finds this:

There seemed to be no way to link directly from a page in one project to a page in another project. What was a fairly straight forward solution was to simply move the pages from one project to the other.

Once this was complete, verify that all the references needed for those pages, Crystal Reports reporting in my case, were referenced in the project the files were moved to.

Then make sure the new just make sure that the project that now has all the pages in it references the original project, and all of the other files you may have created, code, data sets, etc, will automatically be linked.

Hope that helps someone!

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