Ok what am I missing?? I have a dropdown list so that admin can select a value from and then update the database. The list IS populated but the select box isn't wide enough to see any of the option values. I even tried adding a size attribute. I know there is something simple I neglected, but I need some fresh eyes to spot the issue! Here is my query to populate:

<cfquery name="list" datasource="rlbulbs">
SELECT rlbbrand.brandName
FROM rlbbrand

And here is my drop down list:

      <td>Brand Name:</td>
      <td><select name="brandName">          
          <cfoutput query="list">
            <option value="#list.brandName#" selected="selected"></option>

Thanks for any help in advance!

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Unless there's a typo, you're not showing any text in the list ;-)

ie <option>there should be something here </option>

I even tried adding a size attribute.

That applies to vertical size. ie Display x items (or rows). To set the width, use CSS and the "width" attribute. Select lists also have a "width" attribute too. But IIRC it's deprecated.

lol yes I figured that out as I was driving home! I knew it was something stupid! Thanks for the reply!

Taking your eyes and mind off the code for a little while always does the trick ;-)

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