I need to do project about online banking. so i was told i need to learn php n mysql.

I dont have access to any tutor coz its a distance program course.

I know php.net website. and mysql.com.

I am assuming i just need these two sites and a book like this one:

larry ullman php6 and mysql5.

I know there are loads of books for advanced programmers but me i am just a beginner.

1)Can someone tell me if thats all i need or anything else?
2)Which versions do you guys recommend of above softwares?

many thanks

PHP 5 and MySQL 5 are the current versions.

A good source is w3schools. They have tutorials on many topics, including PHP. You will need to know HTML and you will want to know some CSS (and they have tutorials on both if you need them). php.net and mysql.com are ok as a reference but I don't think that you will find them very useful for learning. You can download the PHP reference manual and that you will probably use regularly when you start coding.

If you want to do some serious PHP coding in the near future, you have quite a bit of learning to do. How you do that depends on your style of learning. Some people like to read a book while others (like me) prefer to jump in and start messing around with some code as quickly as possible. There is lots of open source code out there so I suggest that you get some sample code and start playing around with it and making changes so you can have some contact with a real working program as soon as you can. There is lots of info on the internet so if you are stuck on something, start with a search and you should find relevant info.

If you have worked with files and databases before, MySQL is pretty straightforward. PHP provides commands to use MySQL (e.g. mysql_query). The PHP section on w3schools has a sub-section on MySQL.

Good luck.

Examiners dont like this topic for me since i dont work in a bank so i will need to find an another topic for project. :(