Morning/Afternoon/Evening... Been up now for about 7 hours trying to figure this out and been googling too much...

Trying to basically Connect to my active directory server on the FYP.Com Domain ip address and pull of a lise of uses within the Users OU.

Tried playing around with the
using System.Directory Services

Is is really that hard to pull of a list and display this on a webpage.... im sure once im over this 1st initial stage ill be able to figure out the other bits and bobs i want to sort out.

As they say the hardest hurdle is the first.

I understand how to connect to the local Domain Controller and make this Bindless

DirectoryEntry entry = new DirectoryEntry(

But thats as far as ive got...
Sorry if this is a N00bish question but im just getting frustrated and annoyed at something that is so Simple

Cheers Everyone