Hi there, I have a field which the user fills in the previous page to this script, I want the HTML they enter into that to show in the message. I've used a variable to do this.

I've mailed the message out (only me on the DB), I get it through but the variable is shown in the message as $htmlContent. How can I get this to show correctly?

Any pointers really appreciated.

include_once "connection.php";
$sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM addresses WHERE received='1' LIMIT 20");
$numRows = mysql_num_rows($sql); 
// Added for "End Campaign Check" at the bottom of this file(not shown on the video)
$mail_body = '';
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){
	$id = $row["id"];
	$email = $row["email"];
	$mail_body = $htmlContent;
    $subject = "TEST EMAILER";
    $headers  = "From:info@mifsuds.com\r\n";
    $headers .= "Content-type: text/html\r\n";
    $to = "$email";

    $mail_result = mail($to, $subject, $mail_body, $headers);
	if ($mail_result) {
		mysql_query("UPDATE addresses SET received='0' WHERE email='$email' LIMIT 1");
	} else {
// this else statement can be used to write into an error log if the mail function fails
// It can also be removed if you do not need error logging
// This section is script I discussed adding to this file on video
// This section is for sending the site owner a message informing them that
// all people in the database have been sent the newsletter for the current campaign
if (!$numRows == 0) { // $numRows is set on line 4 using the existing query
	 $subj = "Newsletter Campaign Has Ended";
	 $body = "The current newsletter campaign has ended. All have been sent the newsletter.";
     $hdr  = "From:info@mifsuds.com\r\n";
     $hdr .= "Content-type: text/html\r\n";
     mail("krissdkerr@gmail.com", $subj, $body, $hdr);
// End Check Section
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Debug code using:
echo $mail_body = $htmlContent; exit;

See what you have in browser.

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Perfect reply, great solution to my problem.

Hi, thanks a lot for your answer. That is great way to debug, managed to work out what the issue was thanks to this. Never realised this could be done. Appreciate your time.

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