Hi guys, I have my code and it works of filtering data by Month and year.But it seems i got a problem when using accordion. i am kinda stack of it. Can anyone please help me out? This is my codes.

What i want to happen is like this.

getpinoy just click this link so that you can see what i mean for a detailed.

For now, i created it manually but i want to make it automatically.If you click the dates in brown area it will display the news with that month. Can anyone help me out?I only have problem in accordion.

**This is my codes:**

$year = $_REQUEST['year'];
    	$month = $_REQUEST['month'];
    	$last_date = "";
    	$result = mysql_query("SELECT *, YEAR(local_date) as year, monthname(local_date) as month FROM tbl_localnews where year(local_date)='".$year."' AND monthname(local_date) = '".$month."'  ORDER BY local_date DESC "); 
    	echo "<div class='mid_4_a_maincontent'>";
    	while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    	echo "<div id=\"accordion\">";
    	$global_dates = $row['local_date'];
    	   if ($global_dates != $last_date) {
    	   echo "<h3 class=\"update\">";
           echo "<em>News for ".$global_dates."</em>";
           echo "<em style=\"font-size:12px; float:right;\">Updated ".$global_dates."</em>";
    	   echo "</h3>";
    	   $last_date = $global_dates;
    	echo "<div class='mid_4_a_maincontent_newsarea'>";
    	echo "This is my description";
    	echo "</div>";
       echo "</div>";

Your link isn't valid (404 error)

Better to consult good programmer of company for such problems