hello to u all
hi l am doing a php(using xampp) project for a website which also has an online examination.can uassist me with guidelines for my project

1.) It should have MCQ section and WRITTEN or STRUCTURED QUESTIONS SECTION and the exam project would be sitting on a website

2.) instantaneous p/w -user id generation for identification.
3.)there should be an automatic timer which should note the time taken to cover a particular portion of the test & save that much. In case of power failure etc. the test should be resumed from there.
4) the exam would have an admin side(log in) to administer it, edit profiles,even block some users
5.)The test scores should be mailed at the mail providd by the student in the login-database of the student

These are the features that I hope to put in my project.Plz. guide me theoritically & if possible plz. provide the source code for incorporating these feautes.


No one is going to just hand you this project. Ask specific questions and show some effort on this if you wish to receive help.

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Ok prof, I'll do it for you. Just give me your bank details. After all, this contract should be based on trust, right? :)

thanks ardav for now l'm still a student l cant afford that.lt seems daniweb has not helped as l thought and as Ezzaral said for now l am trying to see how l can start this project on my own n see where l land.......