I have a dedicated server running wamp server, everything is almost ready to do but I can only access the site using the IP address.

I have a domain registered with 123-reg and need this to link to my site.

Does anybody have any idea how to do this?


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In the DNS settings you need to set up a zone record. It would be an A record (Address) and the value would be the IP address of your server. You will probably want to make a couple. One for site.com and one for www.site.com so that both go to your site.


No, your DNS settings would be with with your registrar. In your case, 123-reg. Log in to your account there and you should be able to set the zone records.

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Again - thanks for the prompt reply/

Have done the above and no am getting the most bizzare think - any PC on the network still gets the 123reg holding page. Any other PC gets the correct page - any ideas what could cause this?


It can take up to 48 hours for DNS records to update fully so your domain may still point to the wrong thing for a while. If this is only happening on the computers you tried to access the site with before changing the settings then it's probably the browser cache on the specific computer. If you do a hard refresh (ctrl + F5 on most Windows based browsers) then it should completely refresh the page or you could delete the browser cache.

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