I have been making a MySQL run script for my site so all the content is stored in MySQL and I also want to be able to allow users to Register and stuff like that. I want to do it in a simaler way to for forum so that I can have an online list.

My site does have a forum but I can't use it to allow people to register on the forums and the site in one go because I share the forum with a few other sites.

However I know that the way forums do their sessions so that it is easier for them to work with an online list but I don't totally know how they work.

So could you try and explain to me how they work?

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Hey it's my hack :p
Anyhow yeah try that and if you need help with it, just reply back to that support thread :)


Thats not what Im after, I want it stand allow. I want to make a script where it makes the whole site dynamic, allows people to sign up, make comments to some pages, and show who is online. Not everyone who will use this script will have access to vB or any other forum for that matter.

I put vB in the title because thats the one Im currently trying to work out how it works


I have been through Hotscripts, CGIExpo (sp), PHP Resource Index and another place and I haven't found what I am after

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