actually, my question is about jmail in asp.

i attached an image file in my email.
i tried to make it appear in the email message but it does not.
does anybody know how to display images in an email?

i tried this code below but it only display a box with an 'x'. :rolleyes:

.HTMLBody = .HTMLBody & "<img src=""cid:" & pic & """><br><br>"

pic, by the way, holds the image file path.
i hope somebody can help me with my problem.

thanks again,

daniweb is the best!!

i can only pass images in remote site. is there a way i can upload files from local drive using <input type="file">? :o

Here is how you can attach the image to an email using the HTMLBody property.

.HTMLBody = .HTMLBody & "<img src=""domaine.com/image.gif""><br><br>

I mean by usng the complete remote image path, you can not use the path to your drive or local server as the email will reside on the remote server where you can upload the image if you have the permission.