Hi, can anyone help me with this one?

Whenever I try and use the website administration tool I get the message above straight away.

I've searched a lot for a solution but can't find one that works.

I have tried running aspnet_regsql.exe, tried changing the default browser, tried restarting IIS, tried moving my project to a 'simple' location i.e. c:\project.

The address that is failing to load is

Also I have users in my aspnetdb, I am able to create them through my app.



When you run the website admin tool, it will refer the membership provider connection string from machine.config file if your local web site does not have that information.

By default, the membership provider connection string in the machine.config may refer to the SQL Express instance(refer LocalSqlServer) and aspnetdb.mdf database file.

Hence when you try to run the Website Admin Tool from your site, it tries to connect to the SQL Express database. If the SQL Express instance or database is not found, it may return the timeout error. To avoid this, provide connection string details for the membership provider in your local web site.

Refer: How To: Use Membership in ASP.NET 2.0

If you can create users through your app, why do you need the admin tool? Me personally, I don't much care for the Admin tool, and just made my own pages within my sites to maintain users. 4 Guys from Rolla has a really neat tutorial for an Admin logging in as a user, I know they have information about all types on their site.

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