I am trying to connect myphpadmin..
when i use 'localhost' i can connect easily to myphpadmin
but when i replace localhost to my ip address i got an error it says


You don't have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server.

I've already change the privileges but still i got the same error.
could anyone help me?thnks

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localhost is different directory from myphpadmin.

youre localhost dir is public_html,or if you are using ubuntu you can find it in /var/www


where you install php?
have you create file before?
like test.php,or any?

create <?php info(); ?> save as info.php where you save youre php file
then run
locate this line
DOCUMENT_ROOT /home/mmmm/public_html/
that is youre localhost dir.

actualy the directory where you save youre php files that is youre public_html.
i wrote the above line,so you have some idea how to locate youre public_html and how use the info() of php.


i am using WampServer 2.0...
i cant locate the path..I use windows 7 operating system...

i want to connect to a database but the problem is i cant access phpmyadmin if i use ipaddress...

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