Hi Everyone.

I'm having a hard time getting my head around the concept of this and kind of need it spelling out for me. as things stand the user uploads a video and then my script converts it without the user being able to do anything, however this, i know, is bad practice. The problem i'm encountering is what is the best solution for doing a cron job and converting in the background. How would i go about setting up the script in the background and converting the files that need it.

i have tried google to no avail and i must say it is annoying me now.

As ever thanks in advance..


I think that you need to provide a bit more detail. When the user uploads the file, why aren't you converting it immediately (and just out of interest what are you converting from and to). The simplest version is to let them wait unless the wait time is very long. If the user submits this file and basically doesn't care when it is done, then you could use Cron or start a new task to process the conversion in the background. Either of these solutions will have a higher level of complexity than the straightforward approach. There is probably some example code around for parts of this but you will need an appropriate level of expertise to put it together.

Thanks for the reply,

Currently it does convert straight away however i thought it was bad practice. The file is getting converted to .flv

is there a decent progress bar around that would show the user how it's going?