I have downloaded files from http://sergey89.ru/files/ffmpeg-php-win32-all.zip.
I add four files in c:\\windows\system32\ folder these files are : avcodec-51.dll, avformat-51.dll, avutil-49.dll and pthreadGC2.dll.
And one file php_ffmpeg.dll i add in \xampp\php\ext\ folder. After restarting system and server i get following error:

PHP Startup: ffmpeg: Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with module API=20060613
PHP compiled with module API=20090626
These options need to match


Note I have xampp 1.4.7 and php version 5.3.5.
Can any body help me with full details?

What version is that ffmpeg for? And what version of PHP are you running? Those should match.

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