When businesses use a particular strategy to further their interests, it is obvious that they want to measure the exact return on their investment. In my opinion, key factors that indicate the effect of social media marketing on the customers are loyalty towards brand, customer satisfaction, and revenues generated through such efforts.

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One method would be to set up unique URLs and track which users register through that page. Then you would simply use basic tracking techniques to review how often they return to your site or if they convert to premium customers (depending on your model). You could also run giveaway campaigns that only target users who registered through certain social media gateways. Some percentage of those who receive the offers will respond, giving you an indication of how many users still monitor your company's activities on the social media site.

Surprisingly social sites are now starting to give link building benefits as well. Even Matt Cutts from Google stated that Twitter, Facebook and others are signals to a websites credibility. Professional case study here http://twitterbacklinks.com/case-study/ which shows that ROI isn't just about "buzz" anymore but is starting to translate into SEO which is still a major driver for most businesses online.

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