i'm implement chatting in c# using Remoting in Window form.
But i want to apply this concept on an Asp.net web site Like a Facebook chatting application but i have no idea how to implement to do this.

please send me suggestion or code. or can we use third party service in our site.
its urgent.

thanks in advance.

You will need to use webservices and ajax.

Have javascript that loops every x seconds to retrieve messages from a database using a web service. There are actually quite a few tutorials online if you google for it.

thanks for this reply but i dont want to use database.kindly tell me another solution of this problem without using database.please also send me code snippet.

for asp.net chat application may be you need to use third party tool

You can use the application object (similar to session object but is available to everyone in any session).

i need more solutions for this problems.

If you don't want to use the application object and you don't want to use a database, I'm not really sure what else you can do. How else can you persist the data between sessions. You can try using WebSockets, but not all browsers support those yet and are probably more confusing to use, not to mention they could be blocked by firewalls which could make it hard to debug.

You can try sending the text messages to the server and the server saves the data to a text file and you read the text file back. This is the only other way I can think of.