I've got a website: http://funnymash.com (this is not advertising).

I need to add some cool features, like: When the photo who wins gets a green light and the other that loses gets a red light, how am I going to do this?

Also I want to make it possible to have accounts and favorite some photos, rate/star some photos etc.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this, or is anyone interested in helping me with my website on msn/any other messenger? Or helping with this project?

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Is this your first website project?

One of my first website projects yes..
I had a blog once, a wordpress blog. But this is my first project in designing my own website, css/html en the script is something i downloaded.

Can you logically think out how to structure your database tables to make the user accounts and photo rating system?

Nice question, my knowledge of php/mysql is minimum, that's why I got alot of tutorial videos from lynda and some other from tuts+ for php and mysql and all other programming languages. So I need to learn alot. That's why I am looking for a 'partner' that can help me understand some things and helping me with the website.

I don't know PHP that well but I can read it and develop simple things. I am more of a Coldfusion developer than PHP. I could give you some pointers for the logic but you will need to develop the code to mimic the logic :)

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