Hello Friends,

I have an ASP.NET application and SQL Server as its DB. When the database was small everything was fine, as now the DB contains huge amount of data. It seems it skip out some calculation.
The details-

Application: It calculates the commission of particular agent (like affiliate) for self and its chain (Upline).

Front End: ASP.Net / C#
DB: MS SQL Server 2005
Server: Windows 2003 Shared Server (Web Hosting service taken from 3rd party)

Problem: Skip calculation specially in case of chain commission. Not for all, only few.

So, please suggest me a solution. Is this is because of it has been hosted on shared server? or what ever the reason behind this, please help me out.

Umesh Sinha

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Umesh, you have to give us way more information to be able to even start helping you. Please keep in mind that none of us have the slightest idea on your work, code, or calculation for that matter.


I don't think that the issue occurs due to the server setup and hosting. Because you are saying that the chain commission calculation is skipped only for few cases.

The code may not be handling all the scenarios to perform the calculation.

Where do you handle the calculation? In the server side (C#) or database side through stored procedure?

If the logic is written in C#, It would be better to handle the calculation in the stored procedure.

Also ensure that exception handling is done well and error message are logged/displayed properly in the code.

You can try to log some messages into a text file/database table in each stage of calculation so that you could identify whether which portion of code is not reached.

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