I'm fairly new to web development and I need a quick start to getting my website up. I'm planning on hosting the site and I don't expect much traffic as it's just for a start up company that I'm starting and I'm just using it as way of saying "hey I exist, join us!". So I have a lot of questions, but I don't know where to exactly begin. I have Drupal installed with the basic configurations. In regards to what I know, I've been programming for a while, but haven't touched web development yet.

So Drupal is a content manager, but when it comes to making that unique looking web page, how much is PHP and how much is using the modules of Drupal?

I've been reading up on PHP and Drupal, but I haven't been able get any where. What's the best way to get started from scratch? Is there a set a of steps to follow?

I'm worried that all my work may go to waste because I poorly coded it. How do I make sure to keep my system secure and portable?

When creating a custom Drupal theme, what should I start with (PHP, HTML, DRUPAL, other)?