I'm new to using dreamweaver, earlier used simple text editor.Can someone please help me as to from where should I learn dreamweaver?I'm well-versed with Php basics.


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I use DW as a simple text editor. What more do you need? :)

There are a few useful extras though - FTP - nice simple interface for it.
Asset sidebar. LiveCode/LiveView/Multibar (I don't use any of them though!).

I just use it for the code hinting, esp. as jquery and custom php functions are included - sweet.

@ardav : But DW facilitates easy website building, thats what I have figured out.Is there any alternative?

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If you like design-based/wysisyg environments, it's great. I like code-based environments, so it also ticks the box for that.

Alternatives exist Notepad++, Aptana, Eclipse, Zend Studio, and the list goes on....

DW may be overkill for 90% of coders - it has all the trappings of a drunken granny trying to look 18. It doesn't has the same functionality as some IDEs mentioned and it is v. bloated with regard to the design side of things, which has absolutely no interest for me.

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