Wow this code is driving me insane.

My problem is getting two arrays into a multiple INSERT query. I can't seem to
find a way for the loop to insert both arrays.

$sql_data = array();
$sql_prefix = "INSERT INTO student_score(course_uid, student_uid, question_uid, answer) VALUES";
foreach($_POST['answer'] as $id => $answer){
	// don't use $_REQUEST!
	$course_id = (int) $_POST['course_id'][$i];
	$student_id  = (int) $_POST['student_id'][$i];
	$question_id   = (int) $_POST['question_id'][$i];// This turns out 0
	$answer      = mysql_real_escape_string($answer);
	$sql_data[] = "($course_id, $student_id, $question_id, '$answer')";

	foreach ($_POST['question_id'] as $question_id) {
		//		var_dump($question_id);//there are 2 value in here
$sql = $sql_prefix.implode(", \n", $sql_data);
if(!mysql_db_query($dbName, $sql, $connect)){
	$_SESSION['msg'] = "Could not save information, Please try again";
	//replaced die with else clause
	$_SESSION['msg'] = "Question successfully created";

Can someone please help me

what is the problem? what is structure of the array and table?
Anybody can not guess problem from what you have posted.