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Just use Eclipse (I would recommend Helios for PHP Developers) and you will see that it has what ever you need for developing even for you own personal JavaScript code style…



I made a tutorial to explain how to install aptana studio 3 as a plugin in eclipse PDT the eclipse version de develop PHP.
I did the first version of the tutorial few month ago when I was trying to get working aptana in eclipse PDT. With all the parameters to set and all the parts to get working together it took me more than a week to get it working, specially because of bugs with xampp 1.7.4 and xdebug working in windows 7 64 bit. But now it's working and I modify the tutorial to explain how to install the version 3 of the aptana plugin in eclipse PDT. It's here:


I hope its help. Any comment even for orthographic correction to improve the tutorial is welcome.

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