I worked in PHP earlier. About 2 months ago, I decided to learn asp.net.
I read book ASP.NET For Dummies (2006) and try the most of things in this book.
Now I want some advanced things.

Which book would you recommind for advanced ASP.NET?
I would like to read and code something about WPF, WCF, reports etc.
Shorter books would be great (until 300 pages), because I don't want details,
I only want some basics about more than beginning asp.net concepts, before starting
to learn MVC.

Thanks in advance,


For basics I'd recommend anything made by Rhox publishing. They are usually very clear, concise, and informative.

check out 'Asp.net from Novice to Professional'but most asp.net books wont give you detailed information on crystal reports or SSRS. Those are complex courses so they exist on their own

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