Hi everyone,
First time i am going to work on the search.please help me how i make search in my site,the website is about the products,i want the user search for the products by city name,
The simple search give result of the products in the selected city,the user is authories to select a city from the given list,if he select a city from the dropdown,
then how can i bring the search result from the whole city products,
sorry in advance if any confusion i will give more details

is it possible to get products from outside,not present in my databse

"products" what products, needs a little more thought, otherwise its a google search
loc city: EVERYTHING

General Search : mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `products` WHERE `city` = '$city'");
Just Like That Search : mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `products` WHERE `city` LIKE '$city'");

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