I need my code to continue after a return statement. Any way to fix this?

Your question is not clear. Any example or brief codes that you have ? Post the codes that you're referring.

Sure, here:

if($f1 == $distinctShifts[$index]) //if the name in the row we're on and the entry in distinct shifts match..
                    if($fortitle == 0)  // in other words.. if on the first entry of a shift
                            echo '<tr>'; 
                            ?> <td><font face=""><?php echo $f1; ?></font></td>  <?php //echo name
                    goThroughDays($dayarray, $f2, $i, $fortitle); //write info for that row into array
		    return $fortitle; ///NOTE: THESE RETURNS NEED TO BE HERE
		    return $i;
                    $i++; //on to the next row.

return array($fortitle,$i); or return array('$fortitle'=>$fortitle,'$i'=>$i);