I am final year student and developing a web application using ASP.NET for my computing project.

The web application will have three user group to do the follows:

Admin: 1. Add User 2. Incidident Allocate 3. Report Incident 4. View Incident 5. Report

Engineer: 1. Pick Incident 2. Report Incident 3. View Incident

User: 1. Report Incident 2. View Incident

It has some small additional functionalities such as emailing user when status is changed, autogenerating incident no., etc.

But my project supervisor thinks the project is simple. Can I please request for some additional ideas that can be included in this web application to make it more acceptable to the supervisor.

Thank you in advance.

Couple of ideas:

Have you got an escalation process for if the call is open for a long time with no resolution? i.e. so upto 3 days - incident with technician, after 3 days alert level 1 - email to remind technician, after 5 days alert level 2 - email to technician and support group lead chasing, after 7 days alert level 3 - email to technician, support group lead, manager escalating.


How about linking incidents to some form of knowledgebase where the incident item and category match a record in a knowledgebase (for example

From Incident record
Incident Item: Internet Explorer
Incident Category: Access Issue

Suggestion from Knowledgebase
Knowledgebase Item: Internet Explorer
Knowledgebase Category: Access Issue
Record 1: does user have correct permissions on domain
Record 2: is user connected to the network
Record 3: is user pointing at correct proxy..


User could then check suggestions as self-help, or continue to confirm the incident if their issue is different from the suggestions, or one of the suggestions could work but they cannot apply the fix (through not having the correct permissions or knowledge)


how about some form of news feed / white board so that known issues (server down) can be displayed on the incident logging screen to help avoid potential logging of duplicate calls.


Major incident reporting, if a call comes in saying a critical server is unavailable there should be some form of alerting to management of the incident + any diagnosis and resolution timeframes

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