Hello Everyone I Get The Code Error is

it says Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in C:\xampp\htdocs\Bot.php on line 904
Please Help me? My PHP Script is below.

This Is My PHP Script.

case '!autokick':
                            if(!$this->botOwner($this->packet['m']['u'],2)) {$this->sendMessage("You're not allowed to use this!"); return;}
                         dMessage('Removing autokick!',$data['id']);
                                $word = explode(' ',$info[1].' ');
                           $this->("The answer to '".$this->gameVar['madgab'][0]."' was '".$this->gameVar['madgab'][1]."'");
                                        unset($this->gameVar) ;
                                        $this->gameRunning = false;

if you know how to fix it please post a fix of it and thanks alot.

The line containing $in is missing something