Hi everyone,

Having difficulty comparing two strings (Inside variables) in php.
I have tried several methods, one being strcmp but I think I was doing that incorrectly, and now the simple === / == comparison methods.

Here is the code:

		if ($pubinfo_username === $currentuser) {
		echo "<img alt=\"Remove this post\" height=\"20\" src=\"../images/btns/x.png\" width=\"25\">";
		} else {

That is the simple === strict comparison between strings, personally I see no reason as to why this doesn't work, but clearly something is wrong.

Any help is much appreciated!

Cheers, Jack.

Sometimes it isn't the code per se. It can be because there are blanks or special characters or capitals in one of the strings . The code is simple in the extreme so it isn't very likely that anything is wrong with the compare itself.

Ok, do you know of any other methods in which i can use that will not check for caps/punctuation/symbols etc?

Cheers, Jack

Hi Jack,

This may seem over obvious but are you sure the variables you are getting are what you are expecting?
Try echoing both variables before the IF statement.

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Echoing both variables out before the comparison to see if they at least look similar is a good suggestion?
Getting the ord of each and comparing could be useful:

$no= mb_strlen($var1,"UTF-8");
for($r=0;$r<$no;$r++)echo ord($var[$r]);
echo "<br />";
$no= mb_strlen($var2,"UTF-8");
for($r=0;$r<$no;$r++)echo ord($var2[$r]);

There again you could echo an md5 of each to see if they truly are the same.