Am Super new to php so please be nice. :D
Here is the code:

<form name="form" id="form"> 
<div align="center">
		      <select name="jumpMenu" id="jumpMenu" onchange="MM_jumpMenu('parent',this,0)"> 
		        <option value="#" selected="selected">Episode List</option> 
		        <option value="episode001.php">Episode 01</option> 
		        <option value="episode002.php">Episode 02</option> 
		        <option value="episode003.php">Episode 03</option> 
		        <option value="episode004.php">Episode 04</option> 
		        <option value="episode005.php">Episode 05</option> 
		        <option value="episode006.php">Episode 06</option> 
		        <option value="episode007.php">Episode 07</option> 
		        <option value="episode008.php">Episode 08</option> 
		        <option value="episode009.php">Episode 09</option> 
		        <option value="episode010.php">Episode 10</option> 
		        <option value="episode011.php">Episode 11</option> 
		        <option value="episode012.php">Episode 12</option> 
		  <p align="center" class="style3">&nbsp;</p> 
		  <p align="center" class="style3">

Am trying to make it so when you click on "Episode 01" It will take you to ""
, how does one come to make this work?

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I'll be nice. This has got f all to do will php. You've got javascript and html. Try the javascript forum. I hear they're quite nice over there.