Hi Experts,

I have asp.net application already published with x86 ( i am not sure but can not working properly on windows server 2008 64 bit with oracle), through googling i found that i need to change application to Specific CPU through VS2005.
There is also solution:
To explicitly set a platform:

(1) open the solution explorer, select solution, right click->Configuration Manager.
(2) go to 'Active Solution Platform', click New.
(3) in the 'New Solution Platform' dialog that comes up select the new platform say Itanium. Set 'Copy Settings From' to 'Any CPU' which was the default setting in the 'Active Solution Platform'.
(4) click OK.

Unfortunately i can not find this rout in Vs 2005.
What i am doing ;
I open my existing website in "Solution Explorer" Right Click on "Project" --> Right Click ---> but there is no Configuration Manager" to go further.

Any expert Help Me.
Thanks for your precious time.