i have designed an application for a company in php/mysql.

they want an app version of it, just a cut down version of the app.

simple question, what is the easiest way to convert php/mysql to an app for ipad or iphone etc? is there a compiler out there that can do it for you? free one or anyone recommend one?

thanks again

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There is no SDK for Windows OS, the only way would be to run a Mac OS in VMWare on a Windows based machine.

Also, chances are you'll have to re-write your application in C/C++/Java since you want to have an actual application. Why not just write a mobile-version of the web site and not have to deal with re-writing code?

but what if i wanted to sell it in the future or they wanted to sell it to their clients? it would need to be an app. i am sure there are php to app converters out there, just wondered if anyone had tried or if there was one.

Apps for smartphones work off of individual platforms, so no, there is no universal way of using software to convert php code to cross-smartphone apps.

You can go the route of web apps, but you still need to convert your code to HTML5 and Java.

PhoneGap will also suffice: http://www.phonegap.com/

Just to make it clear though, no, you cannot convert PHP/MySQL to an app without having to re-code at least a portion of your code.

thanks mate, really good info

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