Hi. I have seen this example in many sites. One of the is facebook. You write your blogspot address and it leeches it and posts it in your notes section. I want to do that too!! It's just too cool. How can I do this? Please give me a blogspot.com example because I couldn't find one on that. And if you can please make it C#!! Thanks in advance!!

Hi! I did some research and learned that blogspot uses an atom.xml . However there is still the problem on how to parse it.... Anyone any ideas to parse a atom feed for blogspot.com??? Anyone? Thanks in advance

Ok. I just found out another thing. That is that atom.xml is just no ordinary xml... so you can't parse it just by using the standart xml parser i.e. show xml as data source and use the data source in gridview trick. Any help please?

Hello. It's me again don't know how many of you have been watching this post but I found an answer. It's at http://www.blinkbits.com/feed/build.php it is a RSS to JavaScript converter. Quite neat. I didn't have to asp.net however there are some things you must know.

1-) You have to write your feed url as http://yourblogspot.blogspot.com/rss.xml
2-) Can't put you pictures on the left side of your postings or the right. My advice from now on
put your pics in the middle.
3-) Definitely use the style tool.
4-) Doesn't work for older browsers.

This posting can be moved to javascript... I am truly sorry that I had to find an javascript solution instead of a asp.net solution. If any of you out there know how to do it asp.net please write to me so I may use it. Since there is a browser problem.

Good Day!