I have an intranet using php 5.3.8 on Server 2003 using IIS 6.0 and SQL 2005.

I run a command to call a batch file that starts and stops sql server and then calls a stored procedure to delete records from a table Items and then refreshes the records from the MAS90. I need to stop and start because the connection to a MAS90 system fails.

When the refresh is complete, when I go to any of the pages that connect to the database, I get the errors like what is in the code box below. If I go from the ListItems.php page to the ListRecipies.php to and back to ListIIems.php the values come up without errors.

I can also F5 three times or ctrl + F5 to get the page to refresh properly.

is there another way to do this. Javascript...Page Refresh code...Magic

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