Lately, I've been looking for a nice affordable newsletter management system in PHP. It needs to be hosted in my server - I'm not looking for an ASP.

I've actually found up a few ones, but I don't like them for the following:

  1. Octeth oemPro - A nice interface, nice set of features, but a friend told me that the e-mails don't actually work (not even activation e-mails, although test e-mails went great). Plus, their forums seem very closed to me - usually that's not a good sign :\
  2. Interspire SendStudio - Not fancy-at-all interface, and a weak set of features, when compared to oemPro
  3. ActiveCampaign's 1-2-All - Great features, great looks, (seems to have a) great support! Downsides: very expensive, seems that some files are encoded, removing customization possibilities
  4. eMail Manager Pro - Great pricing, great looks - lacks features. For example, it has no custom user fields.
  5. PHPList - Awful looks, lacks features. Free...

This brings me to a problem: where do I look at? Have you experienced with any of these? What do you think about the price/quality relationship of these? Do you know any good alternatives? Free ones too?

Thanks :)

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