Guys I am having problem restoring the database from a created backup file..

Actually the situation is like this:

1> I created a backup for my database from my office

2> I mailed that database to myself so that i could use it in my home..

3> I tried to restore it in my home

Note : I am using the same version of Sql server in office as well as home

4> I am getting an error Sql Network Interfaces Error 26 when i am running the application using that restored database...

The details of error is :

To my knowledge i have to change the server name and use the same username and password whatever i am using in my office...

Plz give suggestions...

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You shouldn't need to match the your home user name and password to the office one as it is the particular database you are trying to access and that has no record of the sql server login details. But if you have changed them to match that shouldn't cause a problem anyway.
Have you confirmed it installed correctly? i.e you can run queries against the database on the command line or using the admin screen?


Yep the installation is all correct... I have got some idea that i have to change the servername of my database with that of office... But i dont know how??

I am using commission\Sqlexpress in my office but in my home it is vishal\sqlexpress...


Guys finally i solved this problem... What i have to do was first of all remove all my sql server installation... Reinstall sql server... and while installing we have to select mixed mode... Then after installation create a new database eg.dbtest. In (security>logins>login properties) select the username and password u want to give...
In server role select sysadmin and public.. nd in user mapping select db_owner for full control over the database....
THE next step is to configure the webconfig in your website..
So you have to go to webconfig and in the connection string change the datasource as yourpcname\sqlexpress.. in the catalog you have to give the name of your database and password whatever you have mentioned in the password part..


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