I wrote a piece of code to search the web using the bing api in csharp.
I would like to know how could I do this using PHP and to do it on google.Anyone has any idea how can I do this?

public void Search1(List<string> search,   uint count, List<string> address)
            BingService service = new BingService();
            SearchRequest request = new SearchRequest();
            request.AppId = "E4ED3EAEAAA96880E2FCC27C917685BE0B9EB228";
           // foreach (string item in search)
           // {

                request.Query = "aguila bungee jumping";

                    request.Web = new WebRequest();
                    request.Web.Count = 50;
                    request.Web.CountSpecified = true;
                    request.Web.Offset = count;
                    request.Web.OffsetSpecified = true;
                    request.Sources = new SourceType[] { SourceType.Web };
                    SearchResponse response = service.Search(request);

                    foreach (WebResult result in response.Web.Results)

                        address.Add(result.Url + result.Title);