I don't understand why when clicking on map icons, sometimes the infowindow is blinking on firefox. It blinks when we use images on it. I tested on other browsers - opera, chrome, IE, even IE7 and it works well. Is this a firefox bug or what?

You can see it in action


the site will require login,

here is the test login, if it will not work, let me know, as this is develoment site, so it can be removed if we forget that this is on forum

login: minikas
pass: minikas

Nicely done.
It's true, they are all flickering in FF. And my gpu fan went louder shortly after opening it with FF.
Possibly because the action is event-driven and the handler is being triggered at leas twice.

thanks :) I also like my work :) and it was firt experience with google maps API. But should I search for sulotion to avoind blinking, or is this some firefox bug and I cannot solve it?

Thank you for analyzing this issue! I solved it by using a span tag and setting the background-image.